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Multimark is your premier independent oil marketer, delivering excellence in petroleum products and specializing in high-quality fuel supply across industries.


Swift delivery of wholesale petroleum products to your premises.


Ensure dependable power via our sturdy natural gas and LPG network.


Premium, high-tech oils, lubricants, and specialty products.


Streamlined, affordable transportation solutions and a range of premium petroleum products.

Jet A1 Fuel

Elevate aviation with our premium Jet A1 fuel, ensuring safe and efficient flights to new heights.


Innovative design and development of modern fuel stations for both new ventures and established businesses.

Elevating Industries with Dynamic Energy Solutions

Powering Industries

Premium Gas and Petroleum Solutions

Experience a new era of energy efficiency and reliability as we bring you cutting-edge gas and petroleum products. Our commitment to excellence fuels industries around the region. Here's what sets us apart:

Environmental Responsibility

Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Landscape

We take pride in being at the forefront of environmental responsibility. As stewards of energy, we're committed to making a positive impact. Here's how we're driving sustainability:

Leading the Charge

Championing Environmental Responsibility

Driving Sustainable Progress

Researching the Next Energy Frontier

Reliable Partnerships for Your Energy Needs

When it comes to gas and petroleum products, trust and reliability are paramount. Our company is built on fostering lasting partnerships based on:

What We Have Done

Our Portfolio of Premium Petroleum and Gas Solutions.

Reliable Supply Chain Solutions

Behind the scenes, our meticulous supply chain solutions ensure a consistent flow of premium petroleum and gas products to fuel industries nationwide.

Transforming Fuel Stations

Redefining fueling experiences through innovative retail fuel station design, we create engaging environments that go beyond the pump.

Aviation Excellence with Jet A1 Fuel

Elevate your aviation operations with our specialized Jet A1 fuel services, ensuring safety and efficiency at every altitude.

Lubricants Enhancing Efficiency

Unlock peak machinery efficiency and longevity with our high-performance lubricants designed to reduce friction and boost productivity.

Green Energy Transition with LPG

Embrace a sustainable energy future with our wholesale LPG solutions, tailored to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising efficiency.

Petroleum Powering Industries

Our premium petroleum products serve as the backbone of various industries, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance.

Empowering Industries through Data-Driven Excellence

Driving Growth, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction in Petroleum and Gas Supply


Products supplied annually.


Customer orders processed.


Fleet of tankers.


Households adopted clean energy.

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